2017 Land Report 100

POISED TO STRIKE. Tapwrit (center) readies to challenge Irish War Cry in the 2017 Belmont Stakes. The Tapit colt trained at the Malones’ Bridlewood Farm in Ocala.

No. 1 John Malone

2,200,000 acres

Leslie and John Malone acquired Florida’s historic Bridlewood Farm in August 2013. More than 100 stakes winners have been bred and raised under the Bridlewood name, including the 2004 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner Smarty Jones. That tradition not only continues under the Malones stewardship but was embellished when Tapwrit won the 2017 Belmont Stakes. Not only did the Tapit colt train at Bridlewood, but the Malones own a share of the stakes winner. “We’re approaching retirement age, and we were originally thinking of a retirement place. And the thrill and excitement of the Thoroughbred industry, coupled with the opportunity to preserve such a famed operation, was an opportunity too good to pass up,” John Malone told The Blood-Horse.


1. John Malone
2. Ted Turner
3. Emmerson Family (up 9,666 acres)
4. Stan Kroenke
5. Reed Family
6. Irving Family (up 236 acres)
7. Brad Kelley (up 150,000 acres)
8. Singleton Family
9. King Ranch Heirs
10. Pingree Heirs
11. Peter Buck  NEW TO LIST
12. Ford Family (up 158,000 acres)
13. Wilks Brothers (up 30,000 acres)
14. Briscoe Family
15. Lykes Heirs
16. Hamer Family NEW TO LIST
17. O’Connor Heirs (up 7,000 acres)
18. Martin Family
19. Thomas Peterffy  NEW TO LIST
20. Stimson Family (up 52,000 acres)
21. Holland Ware  BACK ON LIST
22. Westervelt Heirs (up 41,000 acres)
23. D.R. Horton
24. McDonald Family (up 64,000 acres)
25. Simplot Family
26. Fisher Family
27. Philip Anschutz
28. Jeff Bezos
28. Holding Family
30. Hughes Family
31. Malone Mitchell 3rd
32. Stefan Soloviev
33. Collins Family
34. Shannon Kizer
35. Llano Partners
36. Bass Family
37. Mike Smith
38. Collier Family
39. Fasken Family
40. Kokernot Heirs
41. Killam Family
42. Lee Family
42. Anne Marion
42. Jones Family
45. Babbitt Heirs
46. Galt Family
47. Lyda Family
48. Coffee Family
48. True Family
50. Reynolds Family
50. Sanders Family
52. Barta Family
53. Paul Fireman
54. D.K. Boyd
55. Koch Family
56. Riggs Family
57. Nunley Family
58. Kenedy Memorial Foundation
59. Louis Bacon
60. Bidegain Family
61. Yates Family
62. Cassidy Heirs
63. Scott Family
64. East Foundation
65. T.R. Miller Heirs
66. Hearst Family
67. A.S. Gage Heirs
68. Russell Gordy
69. Cocanougher Family
70. John Ed Anthony
70. Eugene Gabrych
70. Hunt Family
70. Langdale Family
70. Arthur Nicholas (up 55,989 acres)
75. Skiles Family
76. Offutt Family  NEW TO LIST
77. Williams Family
78. Durrett Family
79. Bridwell Heirs  NEW TO LIST
79. Haynes Family  NEW TO LIST
81. Kennedy Family
82. Robert A. Funk
83. Mike Mechenbier
84. Broadbent Family
84. Irwin Heirs
86. Sugg Family
87. Jones Sisters
88. Cogdell Family
89. Fanjul Family
90. JA Ranch Heirs
91. Ellison Family
91. McCoy Remme Ranches (down 22,300 acres)
93. Boswell Family
93. Eddy Family
93. Green Heirs
96. David Murdock
97. Wells Family
98. L-A-D Foundation
99. Don Oppliger
100. Benjy Griffith III (down 80,000 acres)



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