VOICES: TerraStone Land Company

By Eddie Lee Rider, Jr. Bradley Wilson, Lead Land Broker | TerraStone Land Company I was recently able to get a few minutes over the phone with Bradley Wilson, lead land broker at Texas-based TerraStone Land Company. The organization is

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VOICES: Wendy Johnson

By Eddie Lee Rider, Jr. Wendy Johnson, ALC. United Country | Texas Landmark Properties Wendy Johnson started selling agricultural land, ranches, recreational properties, and, probably her favorite, equestrian estates, in 2012 all over Texas. She owned and operated Oak Knolls

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VOICES: Ken Mirr

By Eddie Lee Rider, Jr. ELR: Cielo Vista Ranch grabbed national headlines. Tell our readers just how unique that listing was in terms of size, terrain, wildlife, and your unique marketing efforts. KM: Cielo Vista Ranch was unique in terms

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VOICES: Bill DeReu

By Eddie Lee Rider, Jr. I recently had a chance to sit down with Potlatch’s Bill DeReu, Vice President of Real Estate and Lake State Resources. ELR: Bill, I understand Potlatch was formed in Idaho in 1903, and established a

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VOICES: Shawn Terrel

By Eddie Lee Rider, Jr. United Country Real Estate is a national leader in the real estate industry. The company was founded in 1925 and is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. The company has nearly 500 offices with over 5,000

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VOICES: Sylvia Whitmore

By Eddie Lee Rider, Jr. Recently, I had a chance to speak with Sylvia Whitmore, the chief executive officer of a South Texas institution, The John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation. Land Report readers and hunters in particular

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VOICES: Tom Margo

By Eddie Lee Rider, Jr. Not long ago, I sat down with my personal friend and longtime supporter of The Land Report, Tom Margo, VP/ Director of Investment and Real Estate Services with American Forest Management, for a chat.  

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