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Timberland Outperforms the S&P 500?

That’s one of the conclusions from this report that ran online at a few weeks ago titled Cut Down Portfolio Risk With Timber. I had fully expected the author, Robert Stammers, to be a shill for an organization tied to the

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Sold! $50 Million of Recreational Land at Midwest Auction

These days investing in the stock market is not for the faint of heart, and in markets from coast to coast thousands of developer-owned condos now sit vacant. But when it comes to land, there’s no shortage of motivated buyers. That’s the takeaway

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Slowdown Forecast for Texas Land

Ag economists at Texas A&M are predicting that the red-hot Texas land market will lose its sizzle next year. Since 2003, land prices have increased an average of 14.5 percent annually, and with the median price statewide approximately $2,300 per acre, that

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Florida Renegotiates Largest U.S. Land Purchase of 2008

The $1.75 billion purchase by the state of Florida of 187,000 acres in the Everglades belonging to U.S. Sugar has been renegotiated and substantially bettered. The state will no longer take title to the company’s high-tech mill, its citrus processing plant,

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Yellowstone Club Files for Bankruptcy

The world’s only private ski and golf community has sought bankruptcy protection. The Yellowstone Club, an exclusive 13,400-acre retreat in Montana’s Gallatin Mountains whose members include Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates and former vice president Dan Quayle, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in

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Top Ethanol Producer Files For Bankruptcy

One of the leading stories of 2008 has been skyrocketing commodity prices and the corresponding surge in land values throughout the Midwest, Great Plains, Southwest, and other mineral-rich areas of the country. Although the bubble has by no means burst, there

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JOE Reports 3Q Loss

Florida’s largest private landowner, The St. Joe Company, reported a third quarter net loss of $19.2 million (21 cents a share) on Tuesday. JOE’s President and CEO Britt Greene cited the global financial crisis and the dowturn in the Florida.

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Land Report Library: First Shooting Light

I don’t know about you, but the books I single out as worthy of going in the Land Report Library aren’t the ones I take out to the country. They are the ones that send me there when I don’t

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Property Tax Appeals on the Rise

Last week we took note of the great disparity in property tax rates from state to state with New Jersey levying an astounding $2,642 per citizen on the high end and Alabama charging its citizens an average of $477 by comparison. Now Investor’s Business Daily

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Ted Turner Tops the 2008 Land Report 100

For the second year in a row, Ted Turner take top honors as America’s largest landowner with more than a dozen properties totaling more than 2 million acres. Add to this more than 100,000 acres in Argentina, where he owns

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