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Equestrian Roundup: Florida’s Wellington


What’s the cost per acre of land in the most expensive equestrian market in the U.S.? That’s the question I posed to Brad Scherer, a longtime broker in Florida’s Palm Beach County. Scherer’s Atlantic Western Realty Corporation is a full-service

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Equestrian Roundup: Montana’s OW Ranch


In 1864, a gold rush town on Grasshopper Creek was hastily crowned the first capital of the Montana Territory. Called Bannack, its reign as first city quickly came to an end when the gold played out. Not 100 miles west,

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2013 Land Report 100: Williams Family


No. 53 Williams Family 180,000 acres Although the Williams family’s Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company might be best known for its Pitchfork Gray horse program, the ranch spans two states and also includes a significant cow-calf operation, game management program,

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2013 Land Report 100: No. 60-69


No. 60 Mike Mechenbier 163,800 acres This cowboy philanthropist’s holdings — the Four Daughters Ranch, the Dockery-Collins, the Pie Ranch, and the Loveless-Romero — extend through four New Mexico counties. Mechenbier also manages nearly 2,000 acres in the Middle Rio

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Equestrian Roundup: Oklahoma’s Express Ranches


Bob Funk’s mission in life is to put people to work. Over the course of his career as the founder, CEO, and chairman of Express Employment Professionals, Funk has bettered the lives of tens of thousands by helping them find

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2013 Land Report 100: Babbitt Heirs


No. 30 Babbitt Heirs 270,000 acres Quarter Horse aficionados know Babbitt Ranches for its annual Hashknife Horse colt sale, which is overseen by fourth-generation family member Bill Cordasco. Established in Northern Arizona in 1886, this nationally-known operation is home to

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Equestrian Roundup: Florida’s Payson Park


Over the years Virginia Kraft Payson’s adventures have ranged from hunting wild game to piloting hot-air balloons, to sports fishing and dog sled competitions. But the owner of Florida’s Payson Park Thoroughbred Training Center in Indiantown is perhaps best known

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2013 Land Report 100: W.T. Waggoner Estate


No. 14 W.T. Waggoner Estate 535,000 acres Dan Waggoner was a pioneering cattleman who established the family ranch in 1849. His son, W.T., expanded it even more. Today, the W.T. Waggoner Estate, which is managed by A.B. Wharton and Gene

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The Land Report Top Ten: Winter 2013


The Centennial State dominates the Top Ten with three exceptional listings. – The Editors 1. Homer’s Pond (Massachusetts): $118 million This private retreat is set on 314 acres along the southern shore of Martha’s Vineyard. Available in its entirety or

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2012 Land Report Best Brokerages: United Country Real Estate


United Country Real Estate www.unitedcountry.com (800) 999-1020 2012 Sales: > $3 Billion Who: With nearly 550 offices, United Country is the nation’s fastest-growing brokerage and auctioneer network. Wow: December sales grew 169% year-over-year. CEO Dan Duffy attributes this to record

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