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Joe Nick Patoski

Wyoming’s River Bend Ranch

Just one look, and it becomes crystal clear that River Bend Ranch has everything one could want in a high country ranch. Muleys and whitetails mingle in lush hay pastures with elk, moose, and a small herd of Black Angus.

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Online Exclusive: Western Wildfires – Fighting Fire with Fire

Now that the worst of the wildfire season appears to be behind us, this is a good time to take a longer view about fire and land – specifically the role of intentionally setting fire to grasses or forests as

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Online Exclusive: Western Wildfires – Past Present & Future

This is the second in a series of posts by Field Reporter Joe Nick Patoski that looks at the wildfires currently raging out West. With the Waldo Canyon and the House Park fires raging for weeks, the month of June

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Online Exclusive: Western Wildfires

The Magazine of the American Landowner presents the first in a series by Field Reporter Joe Nick Patoski as he takes a closer look at the wildfires raging out West. The American West is on fire again, with wildfires breaking

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