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Henry Chappell

Land’s Best Friend: Blueblood, Red Ticking


There’s no truer redcoat than the English coonhound. One of the breeds most associated with the American backwoods was actually developed to meet the needs of European aristocrats and colonial American cavaliers. In Medieval Europe, prior to the development of

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The Donation of Virginia’s Natural Bridge Named The Land Report’s 2013 Deal of the Year


The Donation of One of the Seven Wonders of the New World Takes Top Honors as The Land Report 2013 Deal of the Year. In 1774, two years before he penned the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson purchased Virginia’s Natural

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Land’s Best Friend: The Mountain Cur


Don’t mistake this bobtailed working dog for a low-born mongrel. Medieval peasants relied on versatile, workaday dogs to herd livestock and help poach game from feudal masters. Since they paid a dog tax based on the length of the dog

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Equestrian Roundup: Oklahoma’s Express Ranches


Bob Funk’s mission in life is to put people to work. Over the course of his career as the founder, CEO, and chairman of Express Employment Professionals, Funk has bettered the lives of tens of thousands by helping them find

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Land’s Best Friend: Rat Terrier


A True American: Few breeds can rival the New World heritage of the rat terrier. Their ancestors – various crosses of Manchester terrier, fox terrier, and English terrier – came to America from the British Isles with hardscrabble miners and

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The Spirit of Wyoming: Wagonhound Land and Livestock Co.


Wyman Meinzer and Henry Chappell have collaborated on a number of stunning books, including 6666: Portrait of a Texas Ranch (2004); Working Dogs of Texas (2009); and Under One Fence: The Waggoner Ranch Legacy (2010). The duo’s most recent collaboration, The Spirit

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Land’s Best Friend: The English Pointer


When it comes to bird-dogging, none can compare to the English pointer. In 1909, Manitoba Rap became the first English pointer to win the National Bird Dog Championship. The breed has completely dominated major field trial competition ever since. When

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Land’s Best Friend: The English Setter

This Brit is a natural in all respects. More than one pointer aficionado has told me, “I’m a pointer man forever, but the best all-around shooting dog I ever saw was an English setter.” This breed most likely developed from

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Land’s Best Friend: German Wirehaired Pointer

If the German shorthaired pointer is the sports car of the dock-tail pointing breeds, then consider the German wirehaired pointer a muddy ranch pickup. This breed makes up with personality and practicality what it lacks in beauty and pointing style.

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Land’s Best Friend: Boykin Spaniel

Handsome, talented, and a splendid companion — the Boykin lives up to its rich heritage. He’ll flush your upland game, fetch your ducks and doves, and look great lying on your sofa. No matter where you live, if you’re an

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