2015 Land Report 100

John Malone 2015 lg

No. 1 John Malone

2,200,000 acres

Earlier this year, the Malone Family Land Preservation Foundation paid $1.7 million for the 230-acre Gorrill Farmstead near Lawrence, Kansas. Not a big deal, right? Think again. The purchase reflects a handshake of far greater consequence. The Gorrill is a tract that its prior owner, The Land Institute, used to study perennial grain crops. Perennials live more than one year, yet current agriculture practices focus almost exclusively on ecologically taxing annuals. The idea behind perennial crop research is to develop grains that reduce the harm on the environment while saving farmers time and money. This piqued the interest of the Foundation, which pledged $1.5 million per year to a joint project with The Land Institute called the Perennial Agriculture Project. Stay tuned for updates in 2016.


1. John Malone
2. Ted Turner
3. Emmerson Family (up 54,000 acres)
4. Brad Kelley
5. Reed Family
6. Irving family
7. Singleton Family
8. King Ranch Heirs
9. Stan Kroenke
10. Pingree Heirs
11. Ford Family
12. Lykes Heirs
13. Briscoe Family
14. W.T. Waggoner Estate
15. O’Connor Heirs
15. Wilks Brothers (up 152,500 acres)
17. Simplot Family (up 21,091 acres)
18. Philip Anschutz
19. Drummond Family
20. Holding Family
21. Hughes Family
22. Malone Mitchell 3rd
23. D.R. Horton (up 109,000 acres)
24. Collins Family
25. Nunley Brothers
26. Jeff Bezos
27. Mike Smith (up 23,000 acres)
28. Collier Family
29. Kokernot Heirs
30. Anne Marion
31. Babbitt Heirs
32. Llano Partners
33. Lyda Family
34. Jones Family
34. Killam Family
34. True Family
37. Reynolds Family
38. Paul Fireman
39. D.K. Boyd
40. Koch Family
41. Riggs Family (up 133,495 acres)
42. Kenedy Memorial Foundation (NEW TO LIST)
43. Bidegain Family
44. Scott Family
45. Louis Moore Bacon
46. East Family Foundation (up 729 acres)
47. Hearst Family
48. Gage Heirs
49. Cassidy Heirs
50. Langdale Family
50. Eugene Gabrych
50. Hunt Family
53. Bogle Family (down 10,000 acres)
54. Williams Family
55. Robert A. Funk
56. McCoy & Remme Families
57. Russell Gordy
58. Broadbent Family
58. Irwin Heirs
60. Sugg Family
61. Fasken Family
62. Mike Mechenbier
63. Cogdell Family
63. Fanjul Family
65. JA Ranch Heirs
66. Ellison Family
67. Bass Family
67. Boswell Family
67. Eddy Family
67. Green Heirs
71. David Murdock
72. Wells Family
73. L-A-D Foundation (up 1,000 acres)
74. Don Oppliger (up 6,322 acres)
75. Benjy Griffith III (down 80,000 acres)
76. Gerald J. Ford
77. Arthur Nicholas (up 38,983 acres)
78. Stefan Soloviev
79. Patrick Broe
80. Harrison Family
80. Lane Family
82. Crosby Family
83. Ellwood Heirs
83. Monahan Family
83. Parker Ranch Foundation Trust (NEW TO LIST)
86. Reese Family (up 7,400 acres)
87. Davis Heirs
88. Booth Family
88. Brite Heirs
90. Milliken Family
91. Roxanne Quimby
92. Moursund Family
93. Frank VanderSloot (up 3,000 acres)
94. Clayton and Modesta Williams
95. Stan Harper
96. Linnebur Family
97. Luther King
98. Robinson Family
99. Butler Heirs
100. Beggs Family
100. Powell Family
100. Yates Family

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